Need help to move away from alcoholic father.

Kgal, Seoul Sou

A few months ago my father lost his job and has been struggling to get back on his feet. Because of his age no company would hire him nor would they consider him for any future job opening in our society. Throughout this period of time, I've been trying to help pay the bills but it's not enough to support my father, mother and I. As a result of losing his job, my father has turn to alcohol and become more aggressive towards both my mother and I. We've tried to reason and forgive him but in recent months it's gotten more and more difficult. With our financial situation as it is, it makes it difficult for my mother and I move away from him and get out of this difficult situation. So with your help and proceeds you can offer my mother and I, we hope to move out and find a place of our own. So please find it in your heart to help us.