need help to get back on my feet

Tereza, Uk

Hi all,the reason im on here is that i dont have money for rent and bills and have a credit card and loans...why im in this situation? Its because i had a bad deoression and i just couldnt leave the hiuse,couldnt go to work,because i couldnt see or speak to anyone,so all money i had saved are gonne i had to pay bills and i owe about £2000 but its more and more every week:( im back in work now and work 6-7 days a week and try to smile but this situation makes so sad plus i have problems with my back all my life so working this hard cause me so much pain...please could you help me to get back on my feet? I have no money to pay rent,bills,food for me and my dog for next few weeks:( please...Tereza..32.