Need help to finish pay a bank debt

Dear all I’m a 26 old woman from Mozambique- Africa; I am looking to raise any amount of money to help me pay for a loan of 6000USD I made 2 years ago. In 2015 when I started working I made a loan with the intention of starting a business of public transportation. The idea was to buy a mini-bus to transport passengers. But unfortunately I was cheated, I made the payment and the person disappeared with my money. Today with the crisis that my country is experiencing, it is difficult to repay this debt with the bank. My monthly salary is about $ 535USD/month and the bank cuts monthly about $ 200USD. So, the rest of the money is not enough to pay all the monthly expenses. I am writing to ask for financial support because at this time the situation has become more difficult because I am pregnant, I want to start a family, but I cannot abandon my parents and siblings who depend on me. Please help me with what you can. Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support. Best Regards