Need help paying an electricity bill

Desertflo, Virginia

Hi, I am a mother of two, and have received a cut off notice from Virginia Power. The date when they plan on cutting off my electricity is 4/3/2013. I have a debt of $707.88. My financial crisis started when my husband left me and my kids with unpaid bills, and during that time I was receiving unemployment. I currently receive funds from S.S.I, Child Support, and foodstamps. My bills are more than I can afford, and so all the income I recieve are for bills. I am not able to even buy clothing for me nor my kids. I started to have so much bad luck dating back 10/2012. My car broke down, my computer crashed (worked from home), and so I was not able to work. My neighbors allowed me to use their internet due to mine being disconnected. My phone was also disconnected last month, and so I am not able to work at this time. My rent will be $820 starting next month. I am responsible for water and electricity. I have no one else to help, no family in the area, or that would be able to provide any assistance. I have applied for low income housing, but am not sure how long that will take. If I am able to pay the electricity debt, I will be able to pay rent and all other bills, which will be covered with the income I now receive. Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!