Need Help, Marine Corps Veteran

Dave In N, North Car

Ok, I won't sit here and B.S. everyone. I know times are hard and everyone needs to watch the pennies. I'm no different but it wasn't always that way. In fact I used to have a great job as an electrician but then disaster struck two years after I journeyed out of electrical school. I caught meningitis and almost died at UNC hospital a few years ago. So, before my electrical stint I had been a US Marine and joined in 1981 in San Diego. Unfortunately my father commited the ultimate act against God and killed himself due to a injury he sustained while running a race. So, I ended up on my own after the wicked stepmom kicked us all out. So, fast forward to now, I have an 11 year old son, lost my house, my job as an electrician and had to file the dreaded disability. The VA denied me because it wasn't service related. So, yea, rock bottom again. But I always have worked and keep trying so for the past three years I have been actively blogging for anyone who needs blogs written. I write for company websites and have written so many blogs for people I am getting blog burnout. But I want to keep going, so I need help with my website. I just need some help to get it fixed up so people can find it online. I have tried so hard and my son hates to see me struggle and go through depression because the meningitis really did some weird things to me cognitively. I refuse to go down that path of saying screw it and doing something stupid so Im going to try and make this blog writing website work by paying for services to get it optimized and advertise. I am a very good blogger and taught myself how to write for companies to help their business. So, all I'm really asking for is one dollar. That's it. Just a buck so I can try and get this thing working. It's really all I got left....So, yea I've been homeless before but I don't want to go that route especially with a young son. I want to be a dad he looks up to even with all my issues. he loves me regardless and that's cool. Ok, I wont bore you any more, if you can help this MC vet and electrician who fell on hard times please donate. Here is a link to my website which is in dire need of help to get exposure.