need help fast

Angelpell, Owensboro

i am a single mom with 2 kids. i procrastinated about posting this because i recently tried this and someone sent me a fake check and really put me in a bind.. my utilities were shut off the 3rd of this month and me and my 2 kids have been living off of an extension cord that is running to our next door neighbors house. i received an eviction notice and can not afford to move us. to get our electric turned back on is going to cost me 438.00 my rent is 550 even if 1 person can help it will get me closer than where i am at kids understand that there will be no christmas this year they understand that having a home and electric is more important. if there is anyone out there that can help me at all it would be deeply appreciated... thank you a nd god bless.. i can also be emailed at