Alexandru, Romania

Hi! My name is Alex. I want to share my story and ask for help. Two months ago my father died. My parents have been unemployed for 6 years (they were too old to find another job after they got fired) and I had anxieties and depression due to traumas suffered at school. When my father died I had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized in a neuropsychiatric hospital. I also suffered (and still do) from the worst depression and worst panic attacks I had to date. Because of my problems and no money I couldn't go to college (I barely finished highschool 3 years ago) and never mind finding a job without it in a country like this (not that I could keep a job). Due to no income my mom and me had to pay for my medical inssurance, funeral and taxes with money borrowed from relatives. We have debts and we can barely afford anything. It's impossible for her to find a job at her age and I tried too but no one will hire me and I feel too depressed to do anything. If not for the meds I couldn't even leave the appartment or things like watching TV or falling asleep. I had heart problems, hair loss due to a disease and depression+stress, I need glasses I can't afford, dental problems, etc. When my father died the appartment was on his name and he didn't leave a testament. I found out that not only me and my mom are to inherit it but also a step brother I never knew about. He got 25% of the appartment after we couldn't hire a lawyer to help us. We payed alot of taxes for the documents. He wanted to rent it or even sell it but luckly he doesn't own enough % to do that. Wright now I don't have the best Christmas and I'm in need of alot of money. I am home but will have to return to the hospital in January or February like the doctors told me. I am feeling suicidal and feel like life won't ever get any better just worse. I'm sorry if I turned this into a sob story and forgive me If I don't respond to all messages but it was (and is) very hard to talk about it. And if you are sick enough to think I made this up I will send to whoever asks (and needs) a copy of a discharge ticket from the hospital, death certificate, etc. I could use any help I get so please help me! Thanks and happy holidays!