Need Help !!!

Petals, Leicester

I am close to loosing it big time I can't cope anymore, I hate asking for help and I am embarrassed to ask for help because I have always managed on my own but I just can't anymore, I am a disabled single mother and can't afford to buy enough food because my bills are so high yesterday I ate 1 slice of bread just so my children have something to eat, I can't afford to put my heating on because it costs to much it's made worse because my illness is worse when I'm cold so I am suffering constant pain in all my bones and nerve pain. My children are great they don't moan because they know we can't afford anything. I suffer with Fibromyalgia which leave me in so much pain I cry myself to sleep every night I take morphine everyday just to take the edge off the pain and I also take loads of other medications ( I can take pictures of my prescription lists to show you I'm not making this up ), I also have a slipped disc and osteoarthritis in my spine I have to use walking sticks or a wheelchair but I can't move myself in it, I always need someone to push me but when my children are at school I have no one to help me so I end up being in my house all day everyday on my own and it's really making me suffer.. Aswell as the 3 heath problems above I also suffer with Subventricular Tachycardia this is where my heart beats so fast it hasn't got time to fill up with enough blood to pump around my body resulting in me fainting / passing out alot only last week I went all faint and fell over and now I'm in a cast because I broke my hand. I also have Asthma, Thyroid disorder, Hyperactivity which effects my joints causing alot of pain and not surprisingly I suffer with severe depression and anxiety I am begging for some help so I can afford a mobility Scooter ( aprox £1000 ) so I can get out the house on my own I need some Independents back in my life. I hate that my children miss out on things because there my carers and they do everything for me, getting a scooter will also help them so they get to go out with there friends. I claim ESA ( Employment and Support Allowance ) but I only get £120 a week and this is for food, bills and anything else like paying someone to do my Ironing and Gardening because I can't do it myself, it also has to pay for my petrol and any car repairs which I need £450 to get my car working again now.. I feel like I am alone and there is no one out there that will help me and my family. Everything is getting so hard to cope with the council just said I need to pay them some money but I have nothing to give them .... I'm begging please please help me !!! Thanku for taking the time to read this even if you can't afford much £1 here and there will help me more than I can say xx