Need Funding to get my dreams started

Motivated, Sun Prair

Hey out there! My name is Jason Cain from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. I'm very motivated in starting my own Video Production company from home and to also share online. I have a strong background in Mass Communications and Marketing but my main goal to use my talent and services for others out looking for Video Production needs. I have resources out there that I can market to and be profitable but I'm in the starting phase. I do have a plan in place I'm just looking for funding to get my plan in use and get going. I came from a background of poverty but I would love to show those out there struggling that working hard toward a dream can pay off if you truly believe in yourself. I would also like to mentor children interested in the TV/Video field and start a website featuring their work online. This is my passion and mainly looking to get the required equipment mainly. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions and thanks for reading