Need Financial Support for Medical Bills and Loan Payments (Debts)

My name is Tony El Tawil. I live in Lebanon. I am the sole earner. The past few years have not improved my situation, my Father is sick, I can not afford a home. My Brother is Diagnosed with Bipolar and Need to take Medicine regularly which costs a lot. I am currently jobless. In addition to the medical bills and medicine that I have to afford to my Brother and Father, I have debts that is difficult for me to pay. Sometimes I think I should kill myself, but I could not do it. Because after me who will support my family. I found this site to put post here maybe someone could help me God’s noble person. If someone wants to help me, this is my email : Bank Details: Bank Name: HSBC Bank Middle East - Lebanon Account Name: TONY HENRI TAWIL Account number: 005-196555-100 IBAN: LB74000700000000005196555100 Swift Code is : BBME LBBX