Singlemom, Riverside

A dollar would help we have NOTHING my son is 6 months wearing 0-3a month clothes no winter clothes staying in a christian shelter PLEASE someone help ANYTHING will help I can't even breast feed for lack of nutrition I give my kids all I can give since before christmas when their father my boyfriend passed away. It's been HELL! I'm begging for help I can't have no family out here we need Immediate help! Welfare hasn't been approved yet housing assistance is taking for ever I had to sell my boyfriends car to buy my kids coats and food but that's gone now and my daughter lost her jacket I almost flipped on her because I don't know when I could get another one I don't even have one I go to the library to see if any family has emailed me but I have no true close family members thats why we moved out here. Is God testing me? Or testing someone else? I don't know but all of this is unfair I'm so close to giving them to the system so they can at least eat be warm and safe but how can I when their father just died I'm in major need of help I'm trying everything but nothing illegal though the devil is trying to tempt me I know better. THANK YOU :-(