need cash

Sayvaun17, Ohio

my name is sayvaun im 17 years old and depressed for many reason like get called names at school to the point of dropping out and any money i ever get i give to my mom to help us out and i have 2 lil brothers and 1 sister that live in our house and my dad was an abusive man which was constantly hurting my mom and i didn't want to say anything afraid of what he might do further to my mom until it was enough i called the cops and got arrested for domestic violence he was sent to jail for a while and our house needs fixed up from him constantly destroying it when he was drunk and now were broke cuz his in jail and Christmas is coming up sand i want money to buy gifts for my family and i know my mom is doing the best she can but it hurts me more knowing her mom died recently from being in a car accident and putting her in a coma for 2 months and the worst part was knowing that pulling the plug we would lose are grandma i cryed for i knew i lost a important part of my family and i thought of hurting myself cause when i was dealing with stress my grandma was the person to go to for help and i missed her so much inside and thats why im trying to reaching out for you to help me out please with all your heart please donate thank you for your time