Need cash for gas, bills, food, and student loans!

College S, Romeo, Mi

I have no other way at this point, but to beg on here and plead that someone will find it in there heart to help me out. I am so broke that I can't even make it to school. I am going to become a teacher - Double majoring in Art and in English. I really need a couple of extra dollars to get myself to school and food in belly or else I have to quit being a full-time student and get another full-time job. I have a job now at Jimmy Johns as a driver only making $5.50 an hour .. I just started there four days ago and I hate it for the most part. I get tips, but only about $5 to $7 dollars a day if I have any orders to send out.. I don't get a check till the 29th and I have litterly NO gas to get to school tomorrow or work for that matter. I really need an angel or a hero. Pleaseee pleasee help! I am only 20 years old and I shouldn't be this stressed out! Allie<3