Need cash for a iudgement debt

One sided, US

I have a debt with my ex-husband, that we got when we were married. I was dumb enough to believe he would help with the payments, after our divorce was final. I have paid the majority of the debt. I'm a single mom, of 2 teenagers, living on disabilty, barely! I have to drive 2 hours 1 way, to go see the attorney for the lady that's suing us. If I don't show, they will put a warrant out for me. NO THANKS!! :0 Please, help me! I've been making small payments on this since 2010! It's not enough, the interest is 17% a month. I cannot come up with the balance on my own. Nor can I get a loan. It will take about $1800 to get this bill paid and I won't have to see my ex, every time I have to go. That would be great. The next time I need to go is February 4th. Please, I'd really like to NOT have to do this anymore. Thank you!