Need better undergarments

Fill in t, USA

I haven't have a very well paying job in two years; there are not many good jobs to be had. Since then all my panties and socks have degraded and have holes in them! all of them! I keep trying to find some change every time I get paid, but after all the bills and food there is always the big giant hole in my life. All I want is about a dozen pairs of socks and panties - minus holes. Even my shoes are falling apart but they haven't yet made me feel as low as I do now wearing what I have for undergarments. A lot of them have been lost through out the years in the laundry, so I am down to about 3 good decent holey pair of panties that get worse with every wash. My socks are about 1 good matching pair (plus a hole in a toe and one on the underneath) and several or so mismatch with quite a bit of unfortunate hole stories. It is driving me nuts. I make it okay with 2 good pairs of pants and 2 shirts without any holes or bleach stains yet. I just beg of you to feel my pain when it comes to my panties and socks! My daughter has been kept up to date. She has several great pairs of panties and socks. I make sure of that. Most of her shoes are torn up, but we work through it. (she is pretty hard on them). I try to get her a new pair every couple of months; forgoing any new panties or socks. Please, someone help me update my panties!