Need a touch from an angel!!

My fiance and I moved into our first apartment in February and we were so excited!! Until, they changed our apartment the last minute and the power was already turned on in the first apartment. We called to transfer the service but it was a holiday weekend so they couldn't do it till Tuesday, so we had to go four days without power. Then less than two weeks of our moving into our apartment someone broke into our place and stole both our laptops! One was issued by my employer so I had to pay to replace it. And the last straw was two days later my husband lost his job!! We are barely getting by just paying rent let alone power! Now our power has been disconnected and what food we do have is spoiling! We are always the first to be there when others need help and now we desperately ask for your help ourselves.. We promise to pay it forward and continue to help others as well. Thank you all!! The total bill is 320 but only need 120 to turn it back on.... Are there any angels out there