Need a new PC so I can complete my classes online.

Need help, Salem, MO

I am so close to getting my degree in Graphic Design it's not even funny. I'm this close and my computer is deciding to crap out on me. I'm looking for a way I can complete my degree but I don't have the means to go and get a computer that will allow me to run programs like Photoshop CC or even CS6 (the previous version). I am working, but it's only a few days a month. I am looking for something a bit more long term, but in this small town unless your a logger or in construction it's very hard. I can't do either one of those things cause I have a bad heart, can't do anything about that. I could keep scrappin by and save a little each check I get, but I'm afraid this thing will go down on me soon and that happens I probably would have to quit school. Hopefully that wont happen, but you just never know. Thank you for your help.