need a loan to consolidate high interest debt

Not a han, Michigan

I am a very hard working individual, I am currently working two jobs , one full time 45 hours Monday through Friday ($17.25/hr) in Saginaw, and a second job on the weekends averaging between 16 and 23 hours ($8.40/hr) in Frankenmuth. My credit score is extremely poor. My score is poor even though I am working two jobs because of the financial hardship of having a husband that was in and out of the hospital for more than two years, and not working much at that time, having had a hysterectomy myself with a high deductible and out-of-pocket expense on the insurance, coupled with the fact of a house and autos that have needed much repair; teenage son totaled out a car this year as well. Most recently we have had to invest around $5,000 in our house as we had to have all the wiring replaced, which included knocking out walls and ceilings to get to the old wires that were shorting out. As well, I have been trying to assist my family, a daughter in college and a daughter and son-in-law with five children who are out of work right now. All of this, has lead a very good person to have a very bad credit score. I want to pay my bills and I work very hard trying to get caught up, but with so many payments every month, catching up just doesn’t happen. I am looking to consolidate all of my bills, totaling approximately $15,000 into one monthly easier to handle payment . Right now I have a auto payment and a second loan on that auto, along with some smaller medical and credit card bills that I would like to make into one payment. I am willing to have part of my paycheck direct deposited for this payment every two weeks. This will allow me to get caught up and regroup, and hopefully put something away for emergencies.