Need a little help please

Stillhave, USA

Up until a year ago, I worked full time plus two other part time jobs (about 6 days a month) and did OK making ends meet in my household. I am a single parent,I have worked full time since I was 17- I have a good work record and great work ethics. I suffered an injury at work (both my shoulders) that initially left me unable to work "full duty" which also left me unable to work my 2 part time jobs. Since then, my employer has denied my workman's comp claim. I have been employed with them for 12 years. I receive a portion of my regular pay on pay day but have lost my full income, overtime along with the supplemental income I needed by working the 2 part time jobs. I am currently under doctors care (have been since the injury (11-2011)and recently had surgery on the right shoulder (10-4-12) with the left side to be scheduled in the near future.I am in constant pain and the range of motion on both sides is greatly impaired. I am almost always brought to tears while putting on clothes. My doc anticipates several months of rehab for both and I will be unable to work at all until then. I am an average mother who was living pay check to pay check but somehow able to make ends meet and provide for my family- just like so many others. But, since getting injured, I am barely able to make ends meet and there are many times when I can't pay the gas bill or buy groceries. I don't squander money nor do I have a lot of material things that I pay for (car note, mortgage, loans etc)- just the basics. I don't qualify for any type of loan because honestly, my credit is not good (partially my fault and partially the fault of divorce) and even if I was able to get one, I would be unable to repay it. I am asking for anyone who is able to help me by making a donation so that maybe when the bills come due, I won't have to choose between paying the gas or electric bill or buying groceries. Thank you in advance for opening up your heart and helping me. JB