Need a lawyer really bad

Davee6603, Chicago,

Hi I'm Dave My wife and I really want to leave Chicago, IL and move to Houston, Texas my Wife works and we have been married for six months I myself am disable and can not drive semi trucks anymore so I have to find a job that I can do. I can't get ssi because they say I didn't pay enough into it because I did contract work most of my life ."I know bad mistake" and they say they wont give me ssdi because my wife makes enough money to keep a roof over heads we have three kids and we try our best to give them a good home but everything is so expensive in Chicago and we cant afford to live here any more I'm from Texas and and I know I can get work there and my wife can hold things down until I can make it happen, she is the most impotent person in my life and I don't want to let her down. Problem is her ex husband is not doing much for the kids and doesn't offer any help other then paying child support when he feels like it and its so little it doesn't cover what we spend on them, he only see's the kids four days a month but he wont let them go to Texas he knows the kids would have a better life in Texas but he wants to keep them here to hold there mother back.I'm sick and I try to do odd jobs to help anyway I can but we need money for an attorney to start the proses for our move along with everything else the move will not only be good for the kids but also good for my wife and myself in terms for my wife and myself. please help