Need a jumpstart

Broke... , Florida,

It is out of complete lack of any ethical alternative that I turn to this. I am sick and tired of working my tail off only to feel as if I am stuck in the proverbial mud, spinning my wheels. I have a full time job. I do everything that is asked and expected of me and then some and still feel as if I am going nowhere fast. I'm 32 years old, happily married, and a father to an amazing 10 month old baby girl. When I met my wife, my life was in a downward spiral. I had spent the better part of ten years neglecting responsibility and doing only as I saw fit, with little regard for future implications. Well... four years later I'm dealing with those implications. I have completely changed everything in my life, but the weak foundation I attempted to establish a future on is crumbling beneath me. The expenses keep piling up, and the money doesn't seem to get to be any more, and, having run out of ideas and alternatives, I found this site while Googling. The most recent setback has seen my checking account completely depleted with almost two weeks to go until I get paid. I'm not asking for someone to come along and solve all my problems for me, and I don't expect that. What I am hoping for is that I can raise a fair amount of money to get my family and myself through until I can come up with better solutions independently. I am not on welfare, don't use drugs, nor do I have any reckless spending habits. I simply have fallen on hard times, and neither of us have family to turn to for help (my wife's family is in Europe, and my parents are going through bankruptcy themselves). Any help you can offer is tremendously appreciated, and I will pay your kindness forward as I try to do every day for my life. In spite of my struggles I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be in this battle called life, and intend on one day winning. Thank you so much for your time.