Need $500 to save my car

Strugglin, Virginia

Hello everyone. I am in need of some help... obviously or else I wold not be here. I am an inspiring entrepreneur that is in the process of getting my business of the ground. However, there is only one issue... my company is not making any revenue YET! In the meantime while I'm working on my company, I am working and I am student. So, I am looking for innovative ways to have money coming in. However, it is not coming in quick or big enough. I just got a phone call from my auto lender stating that they are going to repo my car starting Saturday. Here is the thing. I need my car in order to get around and transport my grandmother back and forth to her medical appointments. I am the only family she has and she relies on me greatly. In order to continue making payments, I need transportation to get to and from work. Please help!!! I'm worried sick right now and I don't know what else to do.