Need $1000

I have this one girl who lives pretty far away, she's helped me through depression, and given me strength to carry on with my life. Where I currently reside, there's no jobs available, and the economy is currently destroyed. I was planning on moving with her in a few months, so I could have the money to do so, but I just got word from her that a good paying job there opened up, and they're interested in my resume, she was told they can only hold it open for so long. I want to make the trip, but to do it, I need $1000, I have around 2 weeks to make the cut, at most. I really need this help, please, I tried online surveys, and loans and I'm just running myself ragged at this point. I sold my old car, and everything I owned of value to get just about that same quantity, this really is my last option lest I were to resort to illegal activities, which I'd never.