My wife needs an insulin pump

Insulin3, Alabama

Hello my name is Philip and I am a hard working husband and father of 2 young boys. I have a good job and I work every chance that I can get, but it just isn't enough. We are not living above our means at all, and we still to a very strict budget. My wife is a type 1 diabetic that requires insulin shots daily. The cost of her insulin is what is draining us dry because the government thinks that they know what medications should and shouldn't be paid for for her to stay alive. Without her insulin, my wife will die. Her insulin cost us almost $550 a months and that is not including all the supplies that she needs to go with that. She would love to get on an insulin pump, but the government will not cover an insulin pump which cost about $5000. I would like to ask for a generous amount of money to not only get my wife an insulin pump, but have enough money to buy her at least years supply of insulin. So I am asking for $15,000 to $20,000 to help my wife continue to stay alive not only for me, but because her 2 boys need her. Thank you for your time!!