My wife is very ill and i want to make her dream come true.

My sick w, Canada

Hi my name is Paul . I am raising funds for my wife who is very ill and her dream is to spend what years she has left touring Canada in our old camper that we have so many memories in. Well i would be delighted if i could fill that dream for my wife . My wife is only 55 and she has so many strokes , she was supposed to die a few years ago but she pulled through a major stroke that crippled her for 5 years and she learn to walk and talk all over again . Now on top of all that stress to the brain she has major seizures to . So my time is comforting her and telling her it is OK . Every night i cry thinking of all the pain she must be in . I have no way of raising the money as my time is looking after my beautiful wife . So it would mean the world if i could make this dream come true . I would never dream of asking people for help before as i am a proud man , but i had no solution to this . So i would be so blessed if i could ask for your help and get people to spread the word . Thank you so much . xx is my fund page