my twin kids


hi there my family needs your help. i have 3 kids twin boy and girl named hozae & ashanti and 6 month old baby. but im here for hozae and ashanti. they are turning 3 on 10th of may and i cant give them a birthday,ive just paid costs for my mothers funeral. who recently passed away to bell cancer. they have never had a birthday so i atleast would like there to be a once. all there pass birthdays. i just handmade gifts for them and did what was cheap or even free. i know they would like a birthday that they would always remember even when they turn 18. help put a smile on there dial. "give them joy and happiness" for once in there life. im sure once will be better then none. if i could wish to have a birthday cake and presents appear right in front of me for them. i would wish for just that for them. so im in no position to get funds. i have to pay rent,power,food and keep our bills at home up to date. so if your feeling generous throw these kids a birthday they will always remember.