My student loan only covered my rental costs and bills

Unable to, Portsmout

Hi, I am a university student in my third and final year. Unfortunately the rent in my current property has risen which I am contractually obliged to pay, along with the increase in rates (water gas etc). These bills were not an issue to me, I paid in full to cover myself until the start of 2014, the real problem came when my rent and rates came into excess of £1200. As a student I receive £1600 per term. This left me with only £400 to purchase books, clothing and food for 4 months. After purchasing the text books required by my course I was left with £200, or £50 per month for food and living expenses. I was perfectly happy surviving on this until my bank revoked my £200 overdraft. Thus leaving me with nothing. I appealed against their decision, applied for an increase in my overdraft (from nothing to £50) and it was rejected due to poor credit history from a phone contract I purchased when I was 16. I am the oldest of a family of 5 boys, being raised by a single parent (my father left when I was 2, and passed a few years back), meaning that my family cannot afford to support me in any way. I have applied for multiple jobs, and all I seem to receive is rejection after rejection. But I am hoping to get a position in the next few weeks so as to be able to support myself financially again. All I am asking for is a little help, I know that I can get by on as little as £3 a week, £45 would feed me for the remainder of the term. However any aid is greatly appreciated and will be a huge help. Thank you Michael