My Story

Hopefull, USA

Why am I here begging?it's my last resort. I believe in people,some will have a heart and help,some won't. So I'll be honest right off. I need some help with some bills. They are not huge. Im 60 years old,and live on a little pension I get from the government.lately,they have gotten a little overwhelming, and this is why im asking for your help to defray the cost of my medical,and rent that I have,just to make ends meet. Im not asking for much. I have been able to pay most of them off.but have little left over after that for the basics of living. you see,I don't go out much because of a disability. After 48 years of working hard for a living, I have swallowed my pride and come here to ask some for a little help. I have no need to BS you. I have been totally, if you have a heart,and would like to help,I would be very greatfull! to those who donate,thank you! You have put a smile on this old man's face,and restored my faith in humanity.