My parents kicking me out next year.

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Hi, this is my first time, and I am in need. My parents told me that I had to move out next year and find a job or go to 2 more years of college. The problem is that I am deaf and I have no money because I never had a job. My parents and I live overseas because we are non-profit organization, and my tourist visa refused to let me work here in Mexico. So, I am just asking for a mere $5,000 dollars to help me out in the first three months of living alone. I need to find an apartment with roommates, and that alone costs $500 a month, plus car expenses, plus insurance, plus food for living, and that would sum up to $5000 in three months. I promise you that I will find work and not bum around, but I will absolutely find work but I need help for just the first three months. God bless you and your kind hearts.