My Neighbour is in Need

Neighbour, Durban So

Hi all, I found out last week that one of my 56 year old neighbours has been living without water and electricity for over a year. Her troubles started five years ago when her husband of 26 years came out the closet and told her he was homosexual and wanted a divorce. He moved out and subsequently sold off all their assets without her knowledge. He took away her car which resulted in her loosing her job. She then began working from home doing baking and sewing to make ends meet. Her husband then stopped paying the utility bills so they cut her power and water off. At the same time cutting off her sole source of income. Sonny has been shower at a neighbours house for the last year and doing odd jobs just to survive. When I heard of Sonny's story I immediately rallied some of our neighbours and we managed to put some funds together to buy her a gas stove, gas light and two gas bottles along with some food and essentials. I have commitments from some neighbour who will help sonny with food etc on a monthly basis but there is one mountain we just can't seem to conquer on our own... her utility bill is currently outstanding in the amount of ZAR20,000 (USD2000). I'm pleading with anyone who can assist us in raising the money we need to have Sonny's water and electricity switch on. Thank you all in advance for your assistance! Be blessed!