my mum needs help.. x

Helpingha, Uk

hello hope this message reaches you all in good health, ok iv never done anything like this before but thought its worth a go,.. my mum is 55 and has suffered from schizophrenia since i was 10-11, im now 29, she has her good weeks and she has her bad weeks, the reason i am posting this add is the medication my mum has had to take for the last 20 years has caused alot of damage to her bones, she is unable to walk more than a few steps, she is tired all the time, and her home needs adapting to make life easier for her, i aim to fit a wet room, get her a mobility scooter, get her sofas raised also shes desperate for a new bed, im a full time carer for her so funds are very close to none, i also have a 11 year old daughter who always helps out, i know this may be a long shot,, al least its a glimmer of hope.. i really think its a beautiful thing and wether its 10 pence, or a penny, it all helps make a difference.. thank you for reading this, stay safe xx xx