My mother is sick. Please help me.

Hello everyone , I am a 46-year-old unmarried man. Living in minor jobs, I live with my mother. My mother is ill. One of her legs was missing from her slip. She's a little cozy aftedmp,r surgery. But it is difficult to exit. She can not work alone on her own. She serves with me. Therefore, I can not go to work. My economic situation is very low. Mothger's hospital fees have been paid out on a loan, and now I have to pay the loan. I need money to give my mother a nutritious meal and medication. There is no one to help us. I am looking for a good paid job looking for my mother. I need at least $ 1,000 to get rid of my troubles and problems. I noticed this website accidentally. It is a great pleasure if I get a good answer by writing this letter to my cashier. My English knowledge is very weak. So I do not have enough time to write a long description. I hope you understand me. Forgive me if the wrong English is in English. I look for the help of the wealthiest of all over the world. I kindly request you to deposit a small amount or credit to my paypal account . Thank you. ..... Athula Ekanayake PayPal.Me/AthulaE