My mom and I need help

Sassha, Washingto

I'm a senior in high school, my mother and I have been living on the streets, homeless for a year now, my mother just got hired on a new job this week but there's no way she can work with us still being on the street.  So we've been looking for a nice apartment to move into and we found one, it's $1200 a month, all utilities included and to move in, it's $1200 rent and $1200 security deposit and so I decided to take it upon myself to help my mother and I by making this crowdfunder. I'm asking for $3000 because that would take care of the rent, security deposit and the money to get our things out of storage (a storage that we're able to have for free because my mom knows the owner of the storage).  So I am asking for someone to help and as proof, once we sign the lease to the apartment, I can upload that to show that the funds went towards the apartment. I can also give out my social security number as proof that I'm seeking a legitimate need but my mother and I really need this. Shelters are too crowded to take in anyone else and all the agencies in Washington here are out of funds so we could really use help, thank you.