My family suffering from hunger

Peter, Hyderbad,

I completely loses in my business, i unable to recover some payments from my big project , which is higher than my capacity thrown me on to problems, the project was stopped permanently due to the owner of the firm was expired suddenly, there is no way to return my money. i am in dept , one of the distributor occupied my office and taken away my car.I have to pay them around $14000, distributors are forcing me to pay the remaining dues immediately. I cleared some amount by sold of my wife's ornaments, i came from a middle class family, i have no other assets to sold. I vacated my two bed room flat and moved to a small single room, my family consists of four members, mother, wife, 16 months old daughter and me.presently i am not earning single penny also, i tried for so many jobs but it didn't work for me. my mother needs a knee replacement operation immediately, presently my family suffering from hunger, i failed to giving them sufficient food. this is my lost attempt to get some help from kind people like you. we have no other chance except end of our lives.In spite of begging road side , i am begging here for my family, please help me to get out from my problems and it will be help full to recover my business.Thanks for reading,please help me thanks in Advance Peter.