Mums bad life especially teeth

Nkni, Uk

Please can someone help my Mum. My Mum is the best Mum in the world. She has brought my brother and me up on her own since I was 8, because our drunken Dad used to beat her and take all her money and gamble it away and she'd had enough. She had a giant plastic sweet jar that she used to put her loose change into, trying to save for a holiday for us, one day when she went to put more money into it, as she picked it up, the bottom fell open like a flap. He (our dad) had sneakily sliced the bottom of the plastic jar and taken a load of money out of it. We haven't had a holiday for 11 years.people would phone our house looking for him because he had borrowed mone to pay his gambling debts, my mum is now scared to answer any phone. It has killed her self confidence. When they were married my Mum had to work 3 jobs to keep our heads above water. One job was from 5.30am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday and the other 2 were Monday to Friday in 2 different schools doing school lunches and then school cleaning when the schools were closed. She worked her butt off to bring us up right. She always put us first and done without things she needed so we could get things. Now I'm older, I just wish I could repay her for all that she done for us. I know she would love to have her teeth fixed and smile again, she used to always smile for us but never when she is outside or anywhere where someone else could see her teeth. She has 4 broken teeth right down to the gum and the gum has almost grown over the top of them. She has a front tooth missing because HE broke her tooth years ago when he was drunk and came home angry coz he had lost money gambling and he blamed it on her as usual, she was a punchbag for him, I can remember my brother who was only 12, trying to pull him off her, only to be thrown across the room by him. Now, her other front tooth is wobbling. She was crying yesterday when she was showing me her teeth and saying how she wishes she had a magic wand or a fairy godmother, or just someone who can help her get sorted, she was looking through old photographs and she looked gorgeous and so happy, unlike now. She watches 'Make Over' shows and they make her cry. Please please please can someone please help her. I'd love to see her smile the way she used to. 'HE' is married again and all I can say is God help her. Mum has never bothered with anyone since. I feel so sorry for her, she has had no quality of life at all. Please help our Mum! PLEASE !!!