Moving Fund

Broken Mo, Virginia

Have you ever felt that the harder you worked, the more things start to pile up? I am at that point now and I have tried to do everything in my power to avoid asking for help. I grew up in the system as a foster kid and was immediately labeled as someone who would not make it far in life. I have tried everything to avoid becoming another statistic but the odds are not on my side. At the age of 17, I was in school for Massage Therapy and I felt that I was making a good start to my life. Fast forward, a year later I enrolled in South University for online classes with the dream of obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and then going to law school. Two classes away from graduating I was told I was out of funding and needed $2,000 to graduate. I didn’t let that break me though, despite the fact that I have $60k in student loans to pay and no degree. Instead, I started working online as a writer and was able to maintain comfortably for years. However, the writing world changed and there was so much competition. I still hung in there though. Fast forward, I had some kids, everything was going good, then my oldest needs to go to the ER and insurance was something I hadn’t gotten around to on my to do list. Here I am hit with $4k in medical bills. Next, stuff starts breaking down in the house and my landlord leaves it up to me to replace or tells me I am free to move. Credit card bills start piling up to purchase a fridge, washer, dryer, fixing plumbing issues and currently the stove is going to need to be replaced soon. I feel like everything is just turning upside down in my world and I am drowning and will never make it back up again. As a mom living off one income, I am campaigning for funds for my boys and myself. The living conditions here are getting worse and I am in dire need of a fresh start. I cannot continue to pay rent here and anytime something breaks I am expected to make a way to fix it, which drives me further into debt. Thanks for reading my story and I appreciate everyone who contributes to help me during this time of need.