Moved in with the wrong person

Janice, Pennsylva

I moved in with my boyfriend to a new apartment. Leaving my comfort zone of over 6 years, turns out to be the worst decision. I work, buy only part time and have since been offered a slightly higher paying job at full time. He just left after a small arguement and this was the second time since July, when we moved in. I know me and my son will be okay. I just need to get past the rent and up coming bills for the next month. My friends have been very helpful, bringing randomness food and conversation but financially they can only help with a few dollars here and there. Which I understand and give whenever I can as well. To clarify, I only took him back because of the financial situation I was in, I was threatened to be evicted if I couldn't make the rent. Fast forward a month later, he has done it again to me. I put myself in a better financial position but can't pay everything I need to without selling every item I own. (Anything of value has been sold for groceries, gas, and essentials) . I only asking for help in rent and groceries until next month, when my new job has my regular income coming in and I could breathe again.