Mother who had cancer need basic help

FriendlyO, Greece

Hi everyone, As you all know, Greece has been hit very hard by the economic crisis. Austerity measures, such as health care cuts, have made it impossible for working-class Greeks to afford healthcare. My mother has Cervical cancer and she was treated for it 4 years ago, though she still suffers a lot nowadays and she cannot afford her pain-killers any more. She sleeps very badly due to the pain and cries a lot. I really hope somebody can help us. . We don't need much money, just a little so she can at least buy them so she's tranquil until the end of the month. It would help the whole family (since we are all distressed by her being in very hard pain, we also sleep very bad) I hope that someone can help us. :) Greetings, one of the family's sons