Mother is unable to work during injury, I am unemployed

Jobless a, Erie, PA,

Hello. I have no job, and sadly no skills to GET a job, and my mother, who was the breadwinner, recently suffered a work-related injury. This, combined with losing 100$ of government support, means we are in a financially difficult position. Our family is unable to help as they all have their own troubles. My Mom had major neck surgery a while back and works as a personal care assistant. One man had a seizure and grabbed onto her neck, and if physical therapy fails she will need surgery again. Her employers will only pay 66% of her wages during this time, and until a time when I can help pay for things, this will make things VERY difficult. We are renting our home from my grandparents, but they need money too so we will still need to pay rent. Mom has been so worried about money lately that she has started to get stress-related hives, something I did not even know was possible. I might not be able to help financially, but I CAN ask you all for help. Best regards, Stephen.