Mother and Son in need of help.

Phmow, New Jerse

Hello and thank you for reading this. I'am asking for help here because I don't know where to turn anymore. My dear mothers car had broke down about six month's ago and I'am trying to help her out to buy something reliable. My personal health is very bad also and we are finding out that the medical bills are just about unaffordable. I have two part time jobs and don't make that much money at all. I have major medical problems that I have been battling since 1987. Chronic Hives which their still is no cure for. Just two month's ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which is an Auto Immune Sickness that they also have no cure for. I have major Thyroid problems which I take 100 mcg of Synthroid but are unable to afford my medication. I also now have a big problem with my Bladder, Kidney, and Prostate because of the steroid medication I'am on for my Hives. The medication has caused me to have inflammation of my prostate gland. We are trying very hard to save every cent for a reliable auto so that I will be able to go to the many doctors I need to see. My dear mom also has very high blood pressure and is currently on three different medications to keep the pressure within range. We are asking you to please donate a few cents or whatever you feel comfortable with to help a mother and son out in this sad time that we are in. Thank You all for your kindness!