Mostly to save my house.

Swallowin, Pflugervi

Hello Potential Donators: Let me start off by saying thank you for at least reading this post. I want to inform you that I'm five months behind on my mortgage, have serious amounts of credit card and medical debits, and I have gotten myself into a downward spiral of Pay Day Advance loans to make ends meet. This all started when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, which to say the least was a blow to the face; I thought my life had ended. Due to manic episodes I have spent more than I can afford and currently have two pending lawsuits. I had a lawyer, but due to my current financial situation, I can't pay them any longer and they terminated their assistance in my case. My ex-husband was financially supporting me by living in my house until October 2014. His departure put a ton of financial stress on me as I was on and off medical leave. The medical leave was for medication adjustments. I know this may seem like a silly reason to be on medical leave, but I had a seizure while on Wellbutrin and the medication I'm on also lowers my seizure threshold. I have borrowed against my 401k and taken out several Pay Day Advance loans to make ends meet, but unfortunately, it's not enough to get my mortgage back on track. I have medical bills that have gone to collections - I was in a car accident in August 2014. 60mph crash and I thank seat belts everyday for saving my life. My main goal is to get my mortgage back on track - my current balance is $5510.70. I was denied for a loan modification and I was advised that I would need to at least pay 3 months to lower my risk of foreclosure. $3300 would be the amount to cover the 3 months. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats, they are my babies and I refuse to give them up. One of my dogs is a red-nosed pit bull and she is the most sweetest thing ever. Unfortunately, due to the amount of animals and a dog that's a pit, finding a new place to live will be difficult, if not, impossible. My current credit card debt totals to $6838 - this is including the 2 that are pending lawsuits. For my medical bills, I currently owe $824. However, this is the amount listed on my credit report. I believe its more, but I have been unable to locate my paperwork. I once again thank you, potential donor, for taking the time to read this post and for hopefully getting me back on my feet. Please understand that while what I have written is a heavy load, I appreciate any donations - large or small.