Money to live off until mid July

Biella, USA

I'm going to be straight up honest. I just got an apartment and I had to pay the deposit, early move in fee as well as next month's fee all together. The total came to about $900. I also had to buy a bed for my apartment since I didn't have one. I got a bed with the money my mother gave me. I felt really bad taking my mom's money because I know she needs it since I know how much debt she's in. I would really love to pay her back. My debit card has around $200...saving that money for electricity bill since I have to pay a deposit for it. My credit card I have around $1200 in it and would like to reduce it and not spend on it anymore. The debt increased due to... a friend of mine's wedding was 2 hours away so I got my car checked to make sure it's fine. All my tires were terrible and was advised to get new tires. I did that and the total cost for everything from oil change to alignment cost me $600. Also, I need my eye prescription renewed, it expired more than 7 months ago. I've been wearing my contacts for those 7 months and really need to get prescription renewed, I'm so very broke right now and any money would be appreciated. I got a job starting July 2nd and won't receive any payment until mid July. Majority of the things I need to pay for like bills, have to come from a debit card and not credit card. $200 would be a good start for me and I'd hopefully be able to deal with the rest on my own. Thanks.