money for school

Need help, Pittsburg

Hello my name is Kevin I am creating this project in hopes that I would be able to find enough help to go back to school. I had gone in my younger years. I did not do well missed a lot of classes and ended up on academic suspension with a balance of $942 and cannot register for classes until it is paid in full I have saved close to half of the money but still looking for $498 to cover the rest of the cost. I will receive federal aid but not before I pay the balance. The main motivation that sparked my changed my life perspective was I turned 30 my little boy turned 2 on the same day and we found out two days later that our second child is on the way. As the father and the husband I have to work hard to make sure my family is not struggling as we are now and I want to work hard to make sure that happens thank you for any and all considerations.