Money for food rent

Vee82, Melbourne

I'm a single mum with 2 boys, I left my husband because he turned to the drug ice for some excitement, he became very violent angry and spent everything we had on the drug, I realized my only option was to leave after begging him to stop and only getting excuses of him that his not ready to stop, I lost everything my husband my home my entire world, me and my sons became homeless for 3 months due to not being approved for a rental property being black listed because of the damage he cause before he left, apparently I left in time he was cheat with his gf he has now months before I left. Since I have found a home I never gave up, but he would show up constantly still emotionally playing with my feelings getting money off me with promises paying back then denying in ever gave him anything. I feel stupid and put and end to his mind tourer by putting a restraining order on him to stay away, I've been throughout a lot since the separation but at the moment I have hit rock bottom and very poor, I'm struggling to just feed my kids let alone all the other bills coming in, there was so many promises of support and help from friend saying if I did leave I wouldn't b going through it alone but the whole time I have been alone, turning to friends and family has been such a disappointment alway been turned doing with excuse by them also, I'm trying to stay strong and battle on but I'm feeling like I'm letting these 2 amazing little boys down with not much food to choose from each day the disappointment on there faces opening the pantry door it breaks my heart to bits and now I'm resort to begging complete strangers to open there hearts and think we matter enough to give a hand, I promise if anyone does lend there hand out I won't stop till I repay every single cent back and I promise u will make a life time friend because a heart like that is worth keeping in ur life. I hope my story touches ur heart enough, thank you and god bless.