Money for bills and to attend an event

22Believe, Madison,

Hello, I am in need of $1000 to pay some past due rent and utilities and also to attend a live event for a business I just recently started. I do not have the extra money to go and I am looking for some help. The event is to be held in a couple weeks and anything anyone can do will be helpful. I am also a total of $500 behind on utilities. During the winter I was and still am struggling to get caught up on my rent and let my utlities lapse into a ridiculous bill. I got help on some and still need help to get the rest paid off. I am trying to better myself especially financial, that is why I decided to being an affiliate marketing business, I belive I will get the additional positive energy necessary to keep going and not give up on my dreams at this live event. Please any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated and paid back hopefully with some interest. Thank you for reading my post. Happy day!