Money for a home

Lexa, Romania

I am writing to ask for financial assistance. I have a very small salary, I'm helping my sick parents because they don't have any income anymore by years (heart issues, diabetes) and I can't afford to pay for my own home. Despite all of these factors, I still manages to carry a positive attitude and make every attempt to make others laugh. Unfortunately i'm sinking financially. Not too many solutions left to me to fulfill my dream to have the safety and comfort of my own home.I wasn't ready to see how people turn the back at me, considering that I've waisted their time with my sincerity. I fight for a better life for me and my parents, but I always fail to evolve.. it hurts. I want to raise funds for a home, for my cause. The funds received will not only go to a one room/maybe two rooms home, but it will also help my parents to buy all the medication they need. I am requesting any assistance that you may be capable of giving. Any amount of money will be a bleasing.