JUST ONE , Kentucky

Divorced mother of 2 wonderful boys. I'm not even sure where to start. I am currently unable to work due to cervical spondylosis. I have applied for disability, but if approved will be months away. I cannot pay my bills. I receive no child support, and have no family to fall back on. I need a chance. I am going to lose my home. I have no credit, can't get a loan, and honestly have nowhere to turn. I do not use drugs, I go to church, and I have sold everything in my home to pay last month's bills. I cannot get any assistance other than food stamps thru welfare. I love my kids more than anything. I hate asking for help, but I'm asking for a chance, a one time opportunity to get on track. I have 3 years of college, I am trying to establish a housecleaning service for income. It takes money to make money. I need to be able to buy cleaning supplies, keep gas in my car, and food on the table.My kids need clothes for school as well. I have nothing. I don't want to live this way, I don't want to go to bed hungry, and most of all, I don't want my kids to suffer anymore. I have been online everyday trying to find a work from home position, or anything that would generate income.No luck. This is my last effort to ask for help. All I want is a steady, weekly iincome so I can support myself and my family. I will work hard, and make it work. One day I hope to be the Hero granting someone's wish, and giving them a chance for a new beginning. Also, if anyone needs a virtual assistant, please let me know, I am very good with secretarial skills, and once again, I will work very hard. This is my last resort. Please find it in yourself to help my family. I am needy, not greedy or lazy. Any help will be appreciated, and I swear to GOD, I will pay it forward.