Mom <3

This is the end, nothing can bring her back... She was the most important person in my whole life. I would never think of her in this way, NEVER :( Imagine waking up and finding the one you love pass away in between your arms, where you would cry and cry (non-stop)... I didn't know what to do but the only thing I knew that it was my fault, all mine. Always keep in mind, whoever you are, not to raise your voice or even hurt the feelings of the one you love; because you will regret, you will regret... I have lost the most valuable person in my whole life, my mom .. and this was the moment I actually understood how valuable she was and still is deep in my heart. It does not matter that i am poor now what matters is that I lost my Mom :'( . An advise for all teens out there, keep in mind that your parents are the most valuable thing in your whole life, more than anything else. Because if you do lose <3 them as I did, you will regret, you will regret.