Minimum Wage Job

"Starving, New York

Hi! My name is Toxik. I'm a furry, artist, and costume maker. I work in the business my family owns as a waitress. The pay sucks but I'm surviving. However, I'd like to have a few bucks for spending money now and then. Most kids my age have the latest name brand clothing, expensive electronics, 160 gig iPods, etc. Meanwhile, I'm comfortable wearing clothing from Walmart and having a phone and nintendo DS for entertainment. I'd like to have enough money to pay for my phone, save for a car, college and my relocation to Pittsburgh, and still have enough left over to buy book or movie once in a while, or some supplies for my artwork. Any contributions, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated and will help me start my own journey and live a happy life. Thank you and God bless!