Memorial funds and family in crisis.

Help me, Chicago

I'm a proud full time single dad. I couldn't ask anymore of my son. My buckaroo is definetly a gentlemen, performs exceptional in school and has been resilient through our heartaches. I've always had a back up plan or some type of resources to access. I was brought up to be self sufficient and always be prepared. I've finally found myself unprepared, jobless, carless and injuried from my last job. I've sold almost everything I own to make it this far. Applying for all state assistance. Attempting to find ways to repair my body and make it to my doctors. Trying to reenroll into college, had to drop out (w/ a 4.3 gpa). The school sent my financial aid check to wrong adress and someone apparently thought they needed it more. So it was fraudulently cashed. Anything will help, I know I can get my feet planted again. I just don't know what else to do. As far as the memorial funds go, my grandmother and mother are both struggling widows. My grandfather and father were both great and honorable men. They taught me a lot about life and blue collar hard work. It's helped get me this far. My grandfather passed after years battling cancer, fighting til the bitter end. He tortured himself to stay alive and not leave the ones he loved. My grandmother is on a fixed income and struggling with her grief and own illnesses. My father fought an unexpected massive heartattack at one of our job sites. I administered CPR, but it was to no avail. Never have I felt so helpless and felt so surreal. Watching the mighty man, I've strived my enter life to be, slip away in what seemed like an instance. He too, fought to resist the inevitable, death. My mother is also struggling with grief and the loss of our family business he and she ran. W/o my father, we were forced to shut it down. Shortly after this, I landed what I thought was a great job. Only to find out it was nothing like our family business, built on our good name. I found myself in a corrupt company, which has left me physically injured. I thought I could save everything and everybody. Please help us recover from these devastating events. Please tell me where you want your donations to go, considering there are three different situations. Even, inspirational notes will help. I feel terribly lost in this cloud of confusion. I know the sun will shine again. Thanks for anything you send, wether it is quotes, prayers or donations. God bless.